• MINT/LN - "Like New" Perfect

  • near MINT/LN - "Like New Minus" - 90-97% of original condition. Extremely slight wear that can only be seen upon very close inspection.

  • EX+ "Excellent Plus" - 84-90% of the original condition. Shows moderate wear. May have slight marks on finish. Glass very clean.

  • EX "Excellent" - 80-84% of the original condition. Shows moderate wear. May have small dings, pecks and slight finish wear. Glass may have some dust, but no marks.

  • GOOD "Bargain" - 71-80% of original condition. Shows more than average wear. May have dents, dings and a goodly amount of brassing and finish loss. Glass may have marks that should not affect picture quality.

  • POOR "Ugly" - Very rough looking. No further comments necessary.

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